Tredwell Electrical. 30 years this Month and moving forward every day.

Posted by admin 25th March 2021

This year at Tredwell we Celebrate a Historic Milestone of 30 Years in Business

As we write 2021 will be a very special year for our company’s history we are marking the 30 years in business milestone. 

tredwell managing director and founder
Founder and Managing Director Stefan Uhlemann

Milestones are a great time for reflection. In this case, the real story is about a business relationship that began when Stefan Uhlemann built a pump starter box for Wilo Pumps and started up Tredwell Electrical on 26/03/1991. All these years later and that customer/supplier relationship is stronger than ever and has grown and expanded to cover almost all companies working in the water and wastewater business sector in Ireland and expanded out into other industry sector’s; Machine Builders, Refrigeration and HVAC, Automation, Material Handling, Automotive, Food, Pharma, Mining and Quarrying. The old growth maxim of “Land and Expand” has been again proven true in Tredwell’s 30 years in business. Today, Tredwell operates out of a modern 22,000sq ft unit in Limerick and has invested over €1.5 million Euro in specialised tooling and equipment.

At Tredwell, Control Panel build, has from the very beginning, been driven by design for manufacture, advanced engineering using modern software, machinery and lean solutions. Panels are built to customer requirements to international standards, built for OEMs, or contract manufacturing or one-off builds. We do it all to provide real value to our valued customers.

Price is an important factor when selecting your control panel manufacturer, but we all seek best value in the end.  How do you find value, it is a timeless question, the answer is; when you combine Price, Quality, timeliness, service and experience, the result you get is value. With volume and size our purchasing power and experience have combined with 30 years of advanced manufacturing methods and experience has given Tredwell the ability to maximise value to provide enormous value to all our customers. And so, we have been around now for 30 years being the control panel partner for our customers. Best Value and Relationships build Partnerships that power business for the long term.

For our future, the next milestone of the utmost importance, is keeping this successful tradition of customer centric relationship and value development intact and will be central to our future success. 

Together we thank all of our customers and suppliers who have remained with us over all the years.  We hope they continue to share our passion for perfectly engineered control panel solutions, and we look forward to the years ahead, as we continue to learn and improve the solutions and systems we provide. We know that as we all land and expand in new markets and market sectors that together we profit through our shared commitment to provide superior value to all our valued partners, clients, customers and suppliers. The future is bright, look forward to new milestones.