Tredwell offer control panel design and manufacture, which allow us control the quality of every panel required for every project. Our experienced and professional team of design engineers and assembly technicians manufacture, test and ship control panels ranging from small push button enclosures, to large motor control panels.

  • Dedicated group of electrical engineers with over 25 years of design and fabrication experience in mechanical electrical systems.
  • Specialise in supplying to large and small customers in the material handling industry.
  • Our high-quality panels have been used by many worldwide operating shipping companies.
  • Control panels are produced to customer specifications, and provide customers with safe, robust material handling systems.
  • Each panel is rigorously tested prior to shipping, to ensure safety and operational perfection.
  • We ensure our panels are properly labelled and documented to assist in understanding of the control systems architecture and its proper functioning.
  • Our efficient in-house processes, allow us to offer our material handling customers fast turn-around time on all panel fabrication work.