Are you a company considering an outsourcing strategy?

All the Worlds leading OEMs today consider outsourcing to be an essential part of their manufacturing strategy. It ensures future competitiveness and sustainability in our fast changing and global marketplace. By identifying processes that would benefit from outsourcing and with the selection of a manufacturing partner in which you can fully trust, is a decision of great significance and lays the groundwork for a secure future. At Tredwell we have both the experience and practical knowledge to manage and ensure such an outsourcing transition runs smoothly and seamlessly. The benefits of outsourcing some manufacturing requirements to Tredwell are instantly measurable and deliver tangible results

  • Reduced supply chain management costs.
  • Reduced stock and work in progress costs.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Increased production agility.
  • Improved use of resources.
  • Reduced lead times resulting in increased revenue and profit.
  • Improved productivity and reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Move hard to manage variable costs to a guaranteed fixed cost of ownership.
  • Managing costs in cyclical and variable markets.
  • Cost control in declining market conditions.
  • A manufacturing strategy that manages risk and delivers a Made in the EU product.


To find out more information on Tredwells Outsourcing capabilities, contact Aiden Heeran onĀ +353 86 2412198 or