Design for Manufacture (DFM)

Tredwell has 25 years working in a wide range of industry sectors. We are well placed to offer ideas and advice on every aspect of DFM. Part of our process is always looking at ways to optimise quality and cost for our customers. We believe design for manufacture and assembly is key in an efficient manufacturing processes. The benefits of a product that has been designed with DFM in mind and in a manner that is easy to build is of huge importance to a business. Many companies design products and include elements that result in unnecessary cost and create a difficult supply chain. These factors are the result of a poor efficiency of build. Companies can then spend time and energy, post initial design, attempting to engineer in, a reduction in cost. This effort is often too little, too late.

  • To maximise DFM, we engage early in the design process with our customers
  • We work with customers engineering, production and purchasing teams
  • We also engage with our suppliers technical and engineering partners, promoting their capabilities, further enhancing innovations that will deliver significant benefits.


Tredwells world class DFM delivers:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Simplicity and ease in the supply chain
  • Reduced Manufacturing lead times
  • Standards based approach to design, offering modularity and expandability
  • Efficient product assembly and test process
  • Improved product performance and reduced downtime

To find out more information on Tredwells DFM capabilities, contact Aiden Heeran on +353 86 2412198 or