Why is Tredwell Successful in Moving Locations in 2018

Posted by admin 12th June 2018

Tredwell has done a Successful Factory relocation project in June 2018


Tredwell has moved factory location, how did we do it? Preparation of a detailed and comprehensive plan was the key element in which we were able to relocate our entire factory from the Raheen Business Park to the Delta Retail Park on the Ballysimon Road in Limerick.

·       Most Important Step was Project preparation:

Making sure that all necessary new factory drawings and factory layouts were prepared in advance. Also very helpful was plans showing machinery locations and the work stations and systems of the entire factory to ease the preparation and planning of the entire removal and transport of the old factory to the new factory.

Very important was making sure that we hired the company who supplied our machines whose engineers have the ability to manage our machinery from the very beginning of the move so that they get all the electrical and mechanical systems of our factory set up and working. This saved us a lot of time in the various stages of the relocation and getting our new setup up and running.


·       Making a list of all the equipment & equipment testing:

Step one is to prepare a list of all the equipment which is used by the factory for the manufacturing processes. Also, the items that are to be relocated like factory heating systems, water heating systems, which all have to be set up and tested to ensure proper functioning.

Making a review of all the equipment located in the factory to be moved. It is necessary to document the condition of each piece of machinery and plant before the relocation.  Not forgotten are the records of maintenance, maintenance manuals, model, type and technical details.

·       Setting the relocation schedules:

Making sure to hire contractors who will perform all the detailed work on the basis of the initial relocation project preparation. These are companies company who provide the specialists including electrical, plumbers, designers, welders, crane/forklift operators, etc.

·       Making sure we provide to each of the contractors a list of instructions and more importantly the timing, in terms of the delivery.


·       The machinery installation process:

Making sure that the machinery and all the equipment is properly installed. After each piece of equipment is connected the contractor is responsible for performing the initial testing of all the connections and ensuring the machinery is working properly.

And now all is complete and we in Tredwell have performed a successful relocation of our factory. Thus history is made.