Tredwell specialise in putting exactly what is required into our refrigeration and HVAC control panels to ensure customers have their exact specifications fulfilled and more importantly within budget. Panels vary from small wall mounted panels to floor standing panels. The panel provides a wealth of information on the cold stores condition, to ensure they’re correctly maintained.

  • Panels are bespoke and made to suite all specific job requirements
  • Tredwell provide a complete design package and deliver a balance between technical performance and capital cost
  • We offer our customers efficient low energy solutions that deliver results



Our main objective is to build on our enviable reputation for first class production methods. Our experience across a broad range of industries allows us to better understand your unique application requirements and environment. From the initial concept stage, we will work with you to understand your technical requirements and product specification and propose the best control system for your application. We understand budget constraints and can propose energy efficient paybacks to ensure a maximum return on your investment.